As Queen Elizabeth grows older, talks of her possibly retiring and passing the reigns to her son, Prince Charles, have been a hot topic. While passing the throne down the royal bloodline is the status quo, TV commentator Kevin Maguire suggested she consider another option -- end the monarchy.

"The whole thing is just a farce, in reality, isn’t it?" Maguire explained when he appeared on Jeremy Vine on 5 (per Express)."We’re holding on to a much-broken line coming from warlords which we change every now and again. You say no one will have a go at the Queen - alright, she can stay there for the end but I’d like her to be 'Elizabeth The Last.'"

He added, "Let’s not go down Sweden’s way, let’s get down France’s road and have a republic. It will be Great Britain."

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If the Queen were to take Maguire's advice, it would mark a moment that would definitely be noted in the history books. However, based on the monarch's history of keeping things traditional, it's not likely she will take this route -- even if she's begged. 

Not long ago, host of Jeremy Vine on 5, Jeremy Vine, pleaded with the 93-year-old monarch to break protocol and speak out on Brexit. 

"They say protocol means you can’t speak – screw protocol," he said. "They say protocol means you must stay out of it. Well, get your courtiers in a room and tell them to shove their protocol up their royal garters."

He added, "You would shout fire if you saw one in a theatre - shout now. Ma’am, we need you to say something."