Queen Elizabeth II has ignored Meghan Markle the way Prince Harry did on their recent outing.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex stepped out together on Saturday to watch a baseball game. The couple appeared loved up and were holding hands during the sighting.

However, a video shared on Twitter showed how Prince Harry ignored his wife. In the clip, Markle faces Prince Harry and can be seen saying something. But the prince is talking to someone else, so he didn’t pay attention to his wife.

The netizen who shared the clip wrote “awkward” in the caption.

Another netizen shared a different clip where Markle is also being ignored by Queen Elizabeth II. The incident happened during their first solo outing when the duo visited Chester.

In the video, Markle is talking to the Queen and can be seen making some gestures. Meanwhile, the Queen is touching her eyes and instead of looking at Markle, Her Majesty stares at the opposite direction.

“Not the first time that she does this! Because the camera is focused at them. Meghan tries to do it again, but she just talks to herself. This woman is mentally disturbed!” the netizen who shared the video wrote.

As for Prince Harry ignoring Markle during the baseball game, one commented that Markle was only trying to look interested in the game and reacted long after the play when Prince Harry was already in a conversation with someone else. The same netizen said that Markle likely never followed baseball and it’s out of her element.

Meanwhile, another user said that maybe Markle reacted to the guy who stood up in front of her blocking her in the process because when he sat down it’s when the actress said “Oh my God” and faced Prince Harry.

On the other hand, one netizen felt bad for Markle. According to Karen Callahan, Prince Harry pretends that he is so in love with Markle when the cameras are on them. However, he actually enjoys himself with other people and totally ignores Markle. Thus, Markle ended up talking to herself to spare herself from the embarrassment of being ignored.

In related news, Markle’s lavish spending reportedly offended Queen Elizabeth II. The Duchess of Sussex has been slammed for her expensive wardrobe and multi-million house renovation when Her Majesty is known for living a frugal lifestyle.