Queen Elizabeth, Prince William and the Duchess of Cornwall Camilla Parker Bowles posed for a series of portraits to be featured in an exhibition at a London art gallery. The museum hosting the exhibition released the glossy images that offer an unprecedented peek at many members of the royal household in their traditional uniforms. 

The photos are part of an exhibit called “The Queen’s People” taken by British photographer Hugo Rittson Thomas. They show members of the royal household from several angles at once, decked out in formal attire and set against a stark black backdrop. All three are dressed theatrically with wigs and flamboyant tunics, tights, ruffles and skirts, People reported. 

In her portrait, Queen Elizabeth II, 89, wears a day dress designed by Angela Kelly, the Queen’s top designer and personal dresser for the last 20 years. She has accessorized her look with the Waterloo badge of The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards. She looks magnificent in a red coatdress that is paired with black court shoes.

William, 33, was photographed in his military frockcoat for the Irish Guards. The Duchess of Cornwall, 68, is seen wearing formal attire designed by Bruce Oldfield and a brooch given to her on her 60th birthday by the queen. Kate Middleton and William’s son Prince George are not featured in these portraits.

The exhibit is unusual for the style of the photographs. The photographer was inspired by formal 17th-century portrait painting, in which a black background emphasized the craftsmanship, and the scarlet and gold of the ceremonial dress. The photographs use a modern mirroring device to show each individual from all four sides, front, back and both profiles. 

“It was a privilege to photograph her majesty and other members of the royal family and to blend the history and traditions of royal life with a modern photographic style. I hope people will enjoy seeing these photographs as much as I enjoyed making them,” Rittson Thomas said of the exhibit of 50 formally posed portraits. He began working on the project in 2012. The exhibition will run the gallery Eleven in London Aug. 19-Sept. 19.