Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip used to travel together often. However, the royal couple did not normally sit beside each other during their flights.

Royal biographer Robert Hardman claimed that couple’s travel plans are not always in sync even though they have been together for many years. In his book, “Queen of the World,” Hardman said that Prince Philip got so used to his role as the Queen’s longest-serving supporting act, who is always walking two paces behind his wife.

“Jack Straw was struck by the fact that, on a long flight, the Duke would sit in the row of seats behind the Queen, too,” he said.

According to Hardman, this decision may have to do with the Duke of Edinburgh’s respect for Her Majesty’s position. However, it may also have to do with the fact that the Queen’s entourage is rather huge.

Hardman also said that Prince Philip kept the rest of his wife’s entourage alert even though he was not fully convinced of the reason why they needed to be there.

“His temper could keep things cracking along quite nicely. Because when the Duke went traveling on his own, it would just be him and a policeman and a private secretary,” a former member of the royal household said.

Meanwhile, Prince Philip’s absence from his wife’s side may come as a surprise because the Queen is not necessarily a huge fan of air travel. In the same book, Hardman said that the monarch is famously stoical about the dangers of the royal life while on excursions, but flying on a plane is not her favorite.

Even before Her Majesty became known as the Queen, she has already traveled with her parents and younger Princess Margaret across the globe. But when she sat on the throne, she was able to go to even more destinations. When she turned 90 years old, The Telegraph reported that she has been to 271 foreign countries.

Some of these destinations include Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Botswana, Chile, Mexico, Zambia, and more.