Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Margaret may be siblings, but they could not be more different from each other.

According to Sara Kettler, a journalist for Biography, the royal siblings had a slew of dramatic differences. For instance, Princess Margaret grew up knowing that her older sister would one day become Queen.

After Her Majesty became King George VI’s presumed successor, Princess Margaret and her older sister started to receive very different treatments from everyone. At one point, Princess Margaret reportedly said that now that King George VI is king, she is nothing.

To prepare the Queen for her eventual duties, she was enrolled in history classes with the vice provost from Eton. Princess Margaret reportedly wanted to join but was not allowed to do so. The latter was taught by a governess and her classes included music and dance.

And since the siblings’ parents could not do anything about Elizabeth II one day ascending to the throne, they tried to compensate for what they lacked when it came to Princess Margaret. The younger of the two was especially close to King George VI, and he called her his joy while the Queen was his pride.

Growing up, Princess Margaret and the Queen’s choices when it comes to men and other things were also quite different. The former was linked to divorced man Peter Townsend. The Queen, on the other hand, chose Prince Philip to be her husband.

Princess Margaret was just 25 years old when her older sister ascended to the throne. While the Queen was busy with her royal duties, her sister went to the theater and partied at nightclubs. She also went home very late at night.

According to Gore Vidal, Princess Margaret once told him that when there are two sisters and one is the Queen who is the source of honor and all that is good, the other one must be the focus of creative malice.

Princess Margaret also dubbed herself as the evil sister while the Queen received nothing but praise.

Princess Margaret, Queen Elizabeth II
Princess Margaret and Queen Elizabeth II were different from each other but they loved each other dearly. Pictured: Princess Margaret, the Queen play with their pet chameleon July 8, 1941 on the grounds of Windsor Castle, Berkshire. Getty Images