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Queen Elizabeth II is reportedly grooming Camilla Parker Bowles to be future queen consort.

The Duchess of Cornwall’s fate as the next queen consort remains a debate to some. Many believe that Prince Charles will definitely make Camilla his Queen. However, others still doubt it.

Meanwhile, some are convinced that Queen Elizabeth II is already grooming Camilla for her future responsibilities as Queen Consort. The Queen reportedly decreased Camilla’s workload as she prepares for the day when Prince Charles will be crowned king.

Camilla was very active in 2009 and even made over 280 engagements. However, over the years, she has been taking fewer and fewer engagements while Prince Charles takes more. According to Express, the duchess only made 109 engagements in 2017, 98 in 2018 and 79 so far this year.

Despite taking fewer engagements, Camilla is taking bigger roles. For instance, last week she stepped in for Queen Elizabeth II by meeting Melania Trump and Donald Trump ahead of the NATO reception. Camilla joined the Prince of Wales in welcoming the POTUS and FLOTUS at Clarence House for an afternoon tea.

Camilla and Queen Elizabeth II reportedly had a complicated relationship when the Queen learned that Prince Charles had an affair with her while still married to Princess Diana. The monarch was not supportive of the Prince of Wales and Camilla’s relationship that the Queen and the heir apparent had a “cold war.”

Prince Charles reportedly approached the Queen one evening to end her antagonism toward Camilla. But the Queen had drunk several martinis at the time and didn’t give in to her son’s request. Instead, she called Camilla a “wicked woman” and said that she wanted nothing to do with the duchess.

Over the years, the Queen and Camilla’s relationship has improved. In fact, Queen Elizabeth II recognized Camilla in her speech when she gave a toast to the future king. Queen Elizabeth mentioned how Camilla helped Prince Charles become his own man who is passionate and creative.

Camilla Parker Bowles and Queen Elizabeth II
Camilla Parker Bowles and Queen Elizabeth II’s relationship has been revisited amid their rumored brawl last month. Pictured: Camilla and Queen Elizabeth II during the annual Remembrance Sunday memorial on Nov. 11, 2018 in London. Getty Images/Leon Neal