Queen Elizabeth II
Queen Elizabeth II made a shocking reaction when a man broke a royal protocol during their meeting. Pictured: Queen Elizabeth II smiles as she arrives before the Opening of the Flanders' Fields Memorial Garden at Wellington Barracks on Nov. 6, 2014 in London. Getty Images/Stefan Wermuth

Queen Elizabeth II made a shocking reaction when a man broke a royal protocol during their meeting.

In 2002, Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip traveled in several Canadian provinces to celebrate the monarch’s Golden Jubilee. During a walkabout, an unexpected incident happened.

The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh walked outside Rideau Hall in Ottawa. When the Canadian sports star and former cyclist Louis Garneau saw Her Majesty, he asked for a photo. When they posed, Garneau put his arm around the Queen and this surprised the Buckingham Palace officials, including Prince Philip.

However, the witnesses were shocked because Queen Elizabeth didn’t mind it. In fact, the royal reportedly beamed broadly for the snap.

According to a palace official, it was not the first time that someone has put an arm around the Queen and whenever that happens, the monarch just takes it as it comes.

Garneau spoke about the incident and admitted that he asked for a picture and Queen Elizabeth II responded with “no problem.” He added that he put his arm around the Queen’s shoulder because in sports they do that all the time.

In the 2003 documentary “Chasing the Royals”, it was revealed that a Canadian man broke the same protocol when he met Queen Elizabeth II. During the awards ceremony of a horse race, another sports star made the same faux-pas as Garneau.

“I thought it was hilarious when the owner of the winning horse put his arm around the Queen,” Toronto Star reporter Christopher Hume said about the incident.

He added that there was a cry from the English journalists who couldn’t believe that he just touched Her Majesty. After witnessing it, he thought that it would be the lead stories the following day.

“Some poor guy from Canada touched the Queen and does he not know that it is a major breach of protocol?” he added.

In related news, Prince Charles and Queen Elizabeth II were reportedly “mortified” when they learned that Prince Edward’s TV production company stalked Prince William at school. Due to the incident, they considered the Earl of Wessex the “black sheep of the family.” An insider said that it will take time before they can forgive Prince Edward for doing what he did.