A business owner said on TikTok that one of her clients demanded a refund after learning that she is Black. She shared an email on a TikTok video where the client racially profiled her and the clip went viral.

As per the email, the client said that buying from a business owned by a person of color was not their idea of supporting small businesses. "Can you please cancel my order? Unfortunately, I wasn’t aware that you’re a person of color and I just don’t like to support small business[es] that do not [align] with my version of support," the client wrote in the mail, according to Daily Dot.

The client then went on a harsher racist rant, stereotyping the Black community. "Before you start and go on a race tyrant please be aware it [is] called my preference […] Because we are all aware of how you people like to act when things do not go your way," the email continued.

"What do you mean by 'you people'? How do we like to act? How do you expect someone to act when it’s 2022 and you’re still giving this type of energy?" the business owner said in the video.

The racist client was of the opinion that the business owner should have made it clear on her website that she is Black, despite the site having an "About the Owner" page.

The client also demanded the business owner refund her money the next day, which incidentally marked the birthday of Martin Luther King Jr.--observed as a federal holiday in the U.S. "Also happy holiday isn’t it your people holiday today?" the client wrote.

"I’m just disturbed by the fact that you thought this was OK. You could have just asked for a refund. I don’t ask questions on why people want refunds […] This is not OK. We need to do better in 2022," the woman said.

TikTok users were outraged by the caucasian customer's arrogance. "It’s so hard to believe that people are still this ignorant in 2022. Keep your head up sis! You’re the better person!" one user wrote in the comment section. "I’m at a loss for words!! wish their friends and family and employer could see this and stop them in their tracks!"

Some users suggested that the woman should share the email with the person's employer. "Give the refund and forward the email to their boss. Bye bye job," one said. "I would figure out their employer and send them a copy of this email to see how they feel about it," said another.

"I would refund them and then expose them. at that point, they are not a client and can’t be defamation of character because it’s true," a third person said. A few others said they would refuse to give a refund had they been in her place. "Sir/ma’am, seeing as how my race has nothing to do with the quality of my product, i cannot issue a refund," one user said. "I definitely would have not given her a refund," said another.

The business owner said in a comment that a refund was initiated. The video has since garnered 113,000 views.

Black business owner racially profiled Pixabay