A band no one has ever heard of has released a song no one would probably have ever listened to, but which is getting a lot of attention due to the racial tenor of its lyrics.

The song, called "Asian Girlz," is a vulgar ode to a woman of Asian descent by alternative-rock band Day Above Ground. And it's causing pretty serious backlash by listeners who say it is highly racist.

Click play below to watch the cringeworthy video for yourself:

The video consists of Asian model Levy Tran dancing and interacting with members of the band, who are inside some kind of strange birdcage, made to look as if they are a fraction of the size of the woman they are singing about.

But the video is not the shocking part. It's the lyrics, which exploit a number of stereotypes and even refer to the Asian girl in question as a "b****" with "slanted eyes."

Here's some choice lyrics, though there are a number of other offensive passages that could have easily been listed here instead:

“I love your sticky rice, buttf***ing all night.”

"I love your yellow thighs."

“it’s the Year of the Dragon, ninja p**** I’m stabbing.”

And the song isn't even any good to begin with, even if the lyrics had been different. It's a basic couple-chord pattern with an annoying vocalist who does a strange call-and-response routine with another band member throughout the tune. And for some reason, the song ends with a repeating chant of "fa la la la la la la la la," seemingly in homage to "Jingle Bells."

It seems that Day Above Ground may have a lot of explaining to do.