Rainbow Six Siege players were just informed of Operation Health last week, and Ubisoft is already teasing its full reveal in a new trailer. The first round of Year 2 finals is almost here, and that’s where the hottest news will arrive. Expect an update between May 20 - 21.

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The trailer doesn't reveal much in terms of what will be discussed over the two-day period, but we do know which teams will be competing for ultimate glory during the streams. In case you can’t see the clip below, here’s the full list of competitors.

  • PENTA Sports [Europe]: Season 1’s Pro League champ is back and hungry for more.
  • GiFu [Europe]: These guys never miss a Pro League tournament even though their roster has undergone a few key changes over the past year or so.
  • Team Vitality: [Europe]: This team is new to PC, but they made it to Year 1’s season 3 finals anyway. Can they take it all the way this time?
  • gBots [Latin America]: This is a seasoned and prepared team that went undefeated in closed qualifiers. It’s no wonder why they’ve made it all the way to the finals.
  • V3 Masters [Latin America]: They’ve been in three of five major finals in Latin America and are looking to add one more conquest to their list.
  • Black Dragons: This team is a rising star in the Pro League because they’ve added players that have brought them plenty of recent success.
  • FlipSid3 Tactics [U.S]: They’ve made it to the podium every single time they’ve competed. Can they do so again?
  • ElevateGG [U.S.]: This team is most known for its chops in the Xbox scene, but they’re looking to broaden their horizons to claim ultimate victory on PC too.

The streams are set to take place on the above listed dates, and teams will be eligible to win a purse of up to $237,500.

If you want to know more about the actual future of Rainbow Six Siege beyond eSports, it may be worth checking out the Operation Health-related panels as well. For those who missed last week’s reveal, Operation Health is a three-month project stretching from May through July of this year. During that time, Ubisoft will focus on improving Rainbow Six Siege’s longstanding network issues. By the end of the process, servers should be faster, more reliable and hosts to more stable gameplay experiences.

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The initial blog post detailed a complete reorganization of Year 2 plans including revised Operator launch dates and canceled maps. This shift in rollout is both massive and somewhat unexpected. As a result, two panels will be hosted during the finals to explain everything. One will be focused purely on Operation Health, while the other will be a more general chat with developers. By the end of the weekend, the public will be given access to a portal with a full roadmap of the changes that lie ahead.

Rainbow Six Siege is available now on PC, Xbox One and PS4.

Will you be tuning in to the Pro League finals? Does this trailer get you hyped for the future of Rainbow Six Siege? Tell us in the comments section!