From tweeds to country plaids and trouser suits, high-end designer Ralph Lauren's fall/winter 2012 collection during the final day of the New York Fashion Week was all about British glamor and elegance.

The concept was reportedly to get a British aristocratic look enlivened by sudden shocks of shades in between, such as the multi-coloured peacock feather tucked into the lapel or a pair of purple gloves.

Apart from this, the collection mainly comprised monochromatic and natural hues occasionally accompanied by a top hat or boyish tweed caps.

I have always loved the heritage and romance of England. My collection for fall 2012 is about a modern glamour inspired by timeless character and refined elegance of an authentic way of living,'' The Associated Press quoted Lauren saying.

In contrast, the collection also included a range of strapless and halter neck evening dresses in glossy shades like fuchsia and gold. Looking at the collection, one can call it anything but predictable. The American fashion designer has indeed reinstated his position once again in the aristocracy of fashion.

Get a glimpse of the elegant collection by designer Ralph Lauren during the 2012 New York Fashion Week finale below: