Sylvester Stallone has shared a new behind-the-scenes video of his upcoming film “Rambo 5: Last Blood.” He also shared a few stills from the movie that reveal the plot, which is about his adopted daughter getting kidnapped.

A lot of “blood,” “sweat” and “tears” have gone into the making of the upcoming film, Stallone wrote in an Instagram post. The actor compared “Rambo 5” with the first film of the franchise and said that they are both “handmade” films.

The Vietnam veteran former soldier may have retired, but the behind-the-scenes video shows that he still likes to work with his hands, crafting and making things. Instead of weapons, John will be busy making farming tools in the film.

John will continue to practice his skills with his iconic bow, and he will eventually get to use a machine gun as well. The movie will begin with the former soldier living the quite life of a rancher in the U.S. with his adopted daughter Gabrielle (Yvette Monreal).

The film picks up pace when Gabrielle is kidnapped by the Mexican Cartel. Stallone shared a key scene from “Rambo 5: Last Blood” on Instagram that shows the moment his character finds out that his adopted daughter is missing.

“Where is she?” Stallone teasingly wrote in the post and added that the “hunt begins” after this scene. In the same post, the actor shared a few scenes that show Gabrielle and a few other girls as captives. There is also a still from the movie in which John interrogates a man about his missing daughter.

Filming of “Rambo 5” has been completed. Stallone shared a picture of him posing for the cameras to promote the film. The actor joked about how much he hates standing still in front of the camera. “I feel better moving around,” he wrote.

“Rambo 5: Last Blood” will be released on Sept. 20. The film has been directed by Adrian Grunberg.