As any parent knows, kids are prone to saying the most embarrassing things.

But for one mother, her daughter's uncanny knack of giving her toys inappropriate names such as Nutsack and Horny has led her to create a wildly popular YouTube video.

And with over 20,000 hits so far, it seems parents across the country sympathize with her predicament, as they describe their own hilarious encounters with their offspring's unfortunate naming habbits.

Writing in her blog, Julianna Miner describes the strange and cringe worthy names her 3-year-old daughter conjures for her innocent looking toys.

In the video 'The Island of Lost Toys' Miner shows viewers several examples such as the sweet looking dog called Damnnit or the pretty pink bunny called Crack Rabbit.

There are invisible friends too, with the similarly bizarre names Mr. Torkington and Mr. Hinkle.

Miner wrote: Based on the names she chooses, you would think she was being raised by a bewildered hooker.

Parents, often typing through tears of laughter, have responded with their own examples.

YouTube user mrskimyadawson wrote: My kid has 2 dogs named Blacko and Faggy.

Another anonymous poster wrote about how, My three-year-old son called his newborn baby sister Phallus for a few weeks.

As in Mommy, Phallus is crying. Or, (to old ladies at church), My Phallus is so small, but I love her.

And there are those who find the whole thing too much.

Breenah wrote: I made the mistake of trying to sneak in one more bite of food while the video was starting.

I choked on my waffle at Horny.

Fortunately for fans of the video, Miner has promised to make a new montage if enough parents send in pictures of their misnamed stuffed animals.