New York City seems to be enjoying the rapture eve from Bloomberg to Craigslist.

NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg joked about the upcoming Doomsday on his weekly radio show with John Gambling.

The world cannot end tomorrow. You know why? Because it can't end at least until the Knicks win a championship again. We've got a long time to go! Bloomberg said. But if the world does end tomorrow, it would fix our traffic problems.

Bloomberg further predicted on what the rapture will mean for New York City, saying, If the world does end tomorrow, alternate side parking will be suspended. Picking up the fact Bloomberg will be out of town during the rapture time, Gambling said you will be criticized in the newspapers.

Many New Yorkers are rather enjoying the pre-rapture harvest on Craigslist.

In numerous for sale and wanted posts, New York residents who expect to be left behind on earth are looking to inherit the worldly possessions of the attendees of the May 21st rapture.

One post reads $200 Rapture Deal Wanted, offering to take good care of the left-behind apartment in Brooklyn. It says, While we all may have differing opinions on religion I know one thing we can ALL agree on; finding and keeping good real estate in New York can be difficult. I'm searching for a situation that could be mutually beneficial to EVERYONE. From what I understand, this Saturday all True Believers will ascend to a sort of holding area where they will remain until Heaven on Earth can be achieved. As someone who will not be saved I'm looking to make the most of my remaining time here. If YOU'RE someone who WILL be saved and you live in a higher end apartment in one of the more desirable neighborhoods in Brooklyn I'd be interested in subletting until your return. The original post can be found here.

Another Craigslist post reads, May 21, 2011 the RAPTURE! It says, For all of you planning on being raptured, i am offering my services to you! I'd like to take any and all donations from you before May 21st as you will not be needing these in the afterlife. Donations can include but are not limited to, Blu-Rays, DVD's, cash, cars, houses, electronics, ETC. I'm pretty sure just you and your body will be raptured, so i promise to take great care of your earthly possessions in your absence. I can guarantee i will not be raptured so please do not worry about donating to a fellow rapturee as this will not be the case! The original post can be found here