• President Trump attacked the Reagan Foundation after it reportedly called his campaign and the RNC requesting Reagan's likeness stop being used in campaign fundraisers
  • The request drew the ire of the Republican National Committee, which pointed to previous fundraising efforts organized by the Trump campaign to support the foundation
  • Trump's attack on Fox News' was in response to the network's latest polls showing him trailing Joe Biden in several key swing states

President Donald Trump set his Twitter sights on the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Institute after reports the institute asked the Trump campaign stop using the name and image of Reagan for fundraising. Trump called out the institute’s chairman and Washington Post CEO Frederick Ryan Jr., along with Fox News for its recent polls.

The Washington Post originally reported Saturday the institute had reached out to the Trump campaign over its latest fundraising email. The campaign offered a $45 commemorative coin set featuring Trump and Reagan with the pitch “Ronald Reagan and yours truly” in a message signed by Trump. Institute executive Melissa Giller told The Hill Reagan’s likeness was used without the organization’s consent.

Along with the Trump campaign, the institute also reached out to the Republican National Committee to request Reagan’s likeness stop being used. Some in the RNC said they were surprised at the sudden request.

“President Reagan was a proud Republican and supporter of a party that has carried on his fight for conservative principles of economic opportunity and limited government,” RNC communications director Michael Ahrens said in a press release.

“His likeness is used by thousands of Republicans each year who gather around the country for 'Reagan Dinners,' and his library regularly hosts debates for our presidential candidates. Given that the Reagan Foundation just recently hosted the Trump family to raise money for its organization and has not objected to us using President Reagan's likeness before, their objection came as a surprise.”

RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel also took the opportunity to attack the institute on Twitter.

Along with attacking the institute, Trump also took a shot at Fox News for its polls indicating his popularity is declining. A poll released Thursday indicated Trump is trailing Joe Biden in Pennsylvania, Minnesota and Michigan. Trump also called out former Republican Sen. Paul Ryan, who serves on Fox's board, referring to him as a RINO -- Republican In Name Only.

President Donald Trump
President Donald Trump is seen on July 20 at the White House. AFP/JIM WATSON