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Real estate investments are deemed as a stable asset for growing money.
Real estate investments are deemed as a stable asset for growing money. Pexels

Real estate has been one of the most preferred choices of investment for ages, given its nature to intrinsically grow in value over time and even produce monthly income in case the land is rented out for residential or commercial purposes. But it isn't a feasible option for the average individual due to the high prices that one needs to pay for making the purchase.

Why Are Real Estate Investment Trusts Encouraging Millions to Invest?

Today's cyberage has offered a solution to the high-entry price problem where investors interested in buying real estate don't have to write million-dollar checks for million-dollar properties anymore. Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) allow investors to buy portions of multiple cash flow positive properties, just like shares, which earn shareholders monthly or quarterly rental income as well as net worth growth over time through land value appreciation. The concept allows you to own real estate without paying large amounts of money upfront.

REITs are companies that own and operate income-generating commercial properties, and when you invest in one, you could choose to evenly own a portion of different genres of properties that automatically introduce portfolio diversification. REITs are mandated by the IRS to pay 90 percent of their taxable income to investors. Such advantages and ease of investing in an asset that was out of the reach of many attracted global attention and led over 140 million Americans to invest in REITs to date.

Who Manages REITs and How?

REITs are managed by experienced real estate managers and experts who generally make it a fiduciary duty towards investors to source and invest in the best possible real estate properties within the fund's capability. These fund managers take into consideration a long list of parameters like title and paperwork verification, location, community development, industry projections, appreciation, and rent growth estimates, among others before making an investment decision.

Their topmost priorities also include finding properties with reliable tenants with strong finances that are on active net leases. A net lease ensures that tenants in a commercial building pay rents, operating costs, real estate taxes, building insurance, basically taking care of the property while conducting business.

Although some sectors in commercial real estate like hotels and offices took a bad hit in 2020, the rebound witnessed the industrial and logistics sector perform amazingly well in 2021 alongside medical sciences and even multi-family units.

The HappyNest REIT

We came across the HappyNest REIT that offers to invest in two strategically located single-tenant commercial properties that are occupied by the best-in-class tenants on active net leases spanning over a decade, and even pay a handsome rent every year. You can invest through their app for just $10 with the option to set up recurring monthly or weekly deposits to grow your portfolio and returns.

The REIT is managed by HappyNest Advisor LLC following fiduciary standards, meaning that they are legally and ethically responsible for making the best investment decisions for you.

Their REIT showcases a 42.87-acre property in Fremont, Indiana, which is a distribution facility with 188 truck bays leased to FedEx. The property was strategically built between I-90 and I-69 freeways for offering the best possible accessibility. The tenant has over 10 years remaining on an active net lease with the option to extend and pays a handsome annual rent consistently.

The second listing is a 1.54-acre property in Easthampton, Massachusetts that houses a drive-thru CVS pharmacy. The tenant has an absolute triple net lease with over 13 years remaining on original contract.

The HappyNest account setup process on the mobile app is pretty straightforward. You can download the app, share some basic information, and link your bank account through their 256-bit encrypted platform to begin investing.

Invest in real estate through HappyNest today.