Tamra Judge (third from left) gets support from her co-stars during the Season 11 reunion while sharing the truth about an off-camera altercation between herself and “Real Housewives of Orange County” newbie Kelly Dodd (far left) in Ireland. Bravo

Things got pretty heated during Season 11 of “Real Housewives of Orange County,” leading to an intense off-camera incident in which Kelly Dodd may have been hit by a co-star. While vacationing in Ireland, the Season 11 cast of the Bravo series got into a screaming match that escalated into a physical altercation between Tamra Judge and the show’s newest addition. Cameras were not rolling during the incident, which left fans in the dark — until now.

During the second portion of the three-part “RHOC” reunion special Monday night, Tamra opened up about the fight. The topic arose during a discussion about Kelly having called Shannon Beador an incredibly offensive name during a celebration of Meghan King Edmonds’ pregnancy at a sushi restaurant. Kelly told host Andy Cohen that she felt no remorse for what she said after what her co-stars did to her in Ireland, referencing a shouting match in a van — one of many incidents involving her during the trip.

During this particular argument, viewers were lead to believe that Tamra and Kelly, who were both at the center of the drama, had somehow gotten physically violent with one another with no cameras around to witness it. It was unclear, until part two of the “RHOC” Season 11 reunion, whether Tamra hit or pushed Kelly. She claimed, with backing from several co-stars, that she shoved Kelly. While her co-stars seem to believe that pushing is better than having slapped Kelly, the “RHOC” rookie maintained that had she not completed anger management she would have “beat the crap” out of Tamra.

Tamra wasn’t the only one who had issues with Kelly during Season 11 of “RHOC” and the reunion that followed. Heather Dubrow spent much of the season trying to keep her distance from the controversial star, making it clear from one of their first meetings that she was not interested in having a relationship with Kelly. During the reunion she explained that moment at the sushi restaurant, which Tamra touched on prior. Heather claimed that her over-the-top reaction to Kelly’s use of the C-word was a “visceral response,” adding that had her daughter been involved in a similar such incident she would have forced her to cut ties with the person using that language in public.

Kelly was not amused, noting that both Shannon and Tamra are known to use course language, but Heather refused to budge. Previously unseen footage showed Heather frantically searching for a producer ready to quit “RHOC” for good. She explained during the reunion that she does not feel that she’s better than anyone on the show, but believes the show as a whole is above those types of displays.

“We’re better than this,” she said.

Much like part two of the “RHOC” Season 11 reunion, part one centered on issues involving both Kelly and Vicki Gunvalson. Both spent much of filming at odds with their co-stars and not much changed going into the reunion. During the opening show, which aired on Nov. 7, Shannon and Tamra took turns attacking Kelly for her use of foul language, spreading rumors she heard from Vicki and more. While they were unable to make amends, Shannon did appear apologetic about Kelly being attacked during her 70s party. She maintained that she had nothing to do with what unfolded and in no way set Kelly up, though she and several other cast members admitted it looked that way.

The final portion of the “RHOC” reunion will focus on Vicki’s claim that Shannon’s husband was physically abusive to her. Viewers can catch that episode Monday, Nov. 21, at 8 p.m. EST on Bravo.