Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux
Actress Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux at the 89th Academy Awards - Oscars Vanity Fair Party - in Beverly Hills, California, Feb. 26, 2017. Reuters

Jennifer Aniston does not have a "revenge" plan being worked out amid Justin Theroux dating models and actresses, despite a report. Gossip Cop debunked a report by In Touch magazine, claiming the actress wants to destroy her estranged husband's career.

“She’s fed up with him dating every model and actress in sight and acting like they were never married,” an unreliable source told the magazine. “She plans to use her influence to have him marginalized in the TV and film business.”

The source went on adding that Aniston hopes her estranged husband “stays relegated to semi-regular parts on cable series and quirky character roles in small films.”

However, there is no truth in the claims as Theroux is not romantically involved with the models and actresses he works with.

Earlier this month, People magazine had reported that Aniston “doesn’t even talk about [Theroux] anymore... She doesn’t keep up with what he does. She is focusing on her own life.”

Aniston, who was also in the recent months surrounded by rumors of a reunion with his ex-husband Brad Pitt, is busy with her career. She recently wrapped filming the Netflix movie "Murder Mystery" alongside Adam Sandler.

False reports linking Aniston to Pitt have surfaced for quite some time now. Some claimed she is enjoying romantic getaways with her ex-husband, while others said they are getting engaged. However, these reports were also debunked by Gossip Cop.

Most recently, an untrue report targeted Aniston and Angelina Jolie claiming the "Maleficent" star made a "nasty phone call" to the "Friends" star asking her to stay away from Pitt and their six kids.

Jolie “isn’t happy about the boding that’s going on," an unreliable source told NW magazine. "She called up Jen and told her to stay away from her family. Ange doesn’t want Jen playing stepmom to her children.”

The actress provoked Aniston by telling her Pitt “doesn’t really love her” and was just using her “to get revenge for everything that’s happened in their custody battle," the source added. This report was also debunked by Gossip Cop.