Recent leaks and reports claim that Motorola is close to releasing its new Razr smartphone, a foldable device that takes the form of the iconic Razr clamshell that made it big in the early 2000’s but uses modern technologies such as a foldable display.

This device is believed to be scheduled for release in December this year, and will be more affordable compared to the competition from Samsung and Huawei. Despite the nostalgic look and lower price, it might not make waves as big as the original Razr did before, and here are some reasons why.

It has mediocre specs

The $1,500 price point might make it more attractive compared to the Galaxy Fold and Mate X, both of which are expected to cost around $2,000 and higher, but it won’t justify the mediocre specs the Razr is rumored to have.

Earlier reports said that while the Razr looks like a top-tier smartphone, it won’t have a processor comparable to other high-end devices today. This simply means that the new Razr isn’t really designed to go toe-to-toe with Samsung and Huawei’s foldable offerings in terms of performance.

The device, which is expected to come in a small body, is also likely to have a small battery. While a small battery will be enough to power the device’s relatively small display compared to the ones on the Galaxy Fold and Mate X, it’s unclear if the device will be able to last a whole day of continued use.

It will come later than the others

While a December release gives Motorola more time to make sure that the Razr won’t have any foldable display-related problems, it may be too late.

Samsung is expected to release the redesigned Galaxy Fold in September. Huawei is expected to release the delayed Mate X between September and November. Both devices will have at least a one- or two-month head start compared to the Razr. This alone puts the Razr at a disadvantage, unless people are turned off by the high prices the others are expected to have.

Apple might not be entering the fray at any moment, but analysts believe it is steadily working on its own foldable device. If Apple decides to surprise the whole world with a folding iPhone next year, it simply means the Razr will need more than nostalgia and a low price to win over the competition.