The Pennsylvania woman who appeared in a viral video fighting several Red Lobster employees on Mother’s Day has pleaded guilty to harassment and disorderly conduct.

During a preliminary hearing before District Judge Barry Bloss Jr. on Thursday, Manchester Township resident Cathy Hill entered into a guilty plea agreement and was fined $400. York Daily Record reports that the 52-year-old is expected to shell out a total of $790 due to additional court costs. Hill has until Dec. 1 to pay off her fines and court fees.

Hill’s attorney, T.L. Kearney, revealed that his client enrolled in anger management following the incident.

“Obviously, Cathy here recognized that her frustration got the best of her that day,” he said. “And she wanted to set the stage right away to address the root issues involved for herself, for the folks at Red Lobster and generally for the community at large.”

Kearney added, “When something like this happens to all-around good people, you own it, you address it right away, you fix it. And that’s exactly what Cathy did.”

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At the time of the incident, Hill had reportedly ordered $87 worth of food from the restaurant that was scheduled to be delivered. She never received the order and claimed she called the Red Lobster location but was unable to reach the staff. As a result, she drove down to the establishment with the intention of either getting her order or receiving a refund.

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, Governor Tom Wolf ordered masks to be worn in public. However, when Hill entered the eatery, she did not have a mask on. Employees then told her to leave and the situation eventually became physical.

Red Lobster
A Red Lobster sign is pictured. Reuters