For all those fans of a beautiful Samantha’s magical antics, and an angry husband Darrin’s hilarious struggle to make life as simple and "normal" as possible with his young “witch” wife, here is a great news.

"Bewitched", the popular sitcom of '60s and '70s, is being remade by CBS, and the report is confirmed.

The network has ordered a script from Sony Pictures Television and it will be overseen by Douglas Wick and Lucy Fisher, who produced Will Ferrell and Nicole Kidman's 2005 movie adaptation, reported

And what else? Nicole Kidman and wickedly funny Will Ferrell will be playing the role of Samantha and Darrin in the remake, directed by Nora Ephron, reports

The popular sitcom was originally aired on ABC for eight seasons. The series ran between 1964 and 1972, in which Elizabeth Montgomery starred as Samantha, and her husband Darrin, played by Dick York, encouraged her to suppress her powers and try to live a normal life, but Samantha couldn't help using her powers when she or Darrin were in a jam.

Marc Lawrence (Miss Congeniality) will write the script and exec produce.

"Bewitched" will join the other classic series that were remade by networks, including Hawaii Five-O on CBS and Charlie's Angels on ABC.

TNT is also working on an update of Dallas, which will premiere in 2012, said the report.