Articles by Brianna Lee

Brianna Lee joined IBT in July 2014 and covers U.S. immigration and Latin America. Previously she worked as a writer and editor at the Council on Foreign Relations and as a staff writer for the PBS news program "Need to Know." 


Peru Recaptures Its 'Tony Montana'

Gerald Americo Oropeza, one of Peru's most wanted suspected drug traffickers, was arrested in Ecuador and deported after spending four months on the lam.
Greek Migrant

The Deadliest Boat Disaster Yet

Fifteen children were among the 34 refugees who drowned in Greek waters Sunday. The country's coast guard says it rescued 68 others in the water.
Mexico Poverty

In Mexico, Inequality Blocks Path To Prosperity

While the wealth of Mexico's multimillionaires has multiplied, 46 percent of Mexico’s population of 122 million remains under the poverty line, a figure that has been essentially the same since 1992.
Pena Nieto

Mexico's Course Of Inaction

Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto is halfway through his six-year term and despite all of his talk of change, many Mexicans say his promised reforms have fallen short of expectations.
Cuba Flags

New Civil Rights Push In Cuba

As U.S. and Cuban officials chart the waters of a revived relationship, some Cuban dissidents are drawing up ambitious, large-scale plans to push for new civil rights — with or without American help.