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NFT Sales and Collections To Watch Out For in 2022

If you've been following blockchain trends, you'll know that NFTs have become the hottest digital assets of the last few years. Everyone from Madonna to Justin Bieber to everyday people has been snapping up NFTs left and right. In 2022, more NFTs than ever before have been released of all types and purposes.

Challenges Women Face In Sales​​

In a performance-based industry such as sales, where women-led teams “tend to have higher win and quota attainment rates,” the pay gap casts a bright light on an important question: why is this happening? 

Sustainability At The Fore Of A Lab Diamond Upward Trend

The anticipation is like never before. What was thought to be a downturn caused by a global pandemic proved to be a catalyst for growth in the lab diamond industry. With a compound annual growth rate of 9.4 percent forecasted from 2021 to 2028, the industry shows no signs of a diminished sparkle.