Banning kids this weekend is restaurant in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

The banned children will need to find another restaurant to dine at.

There is such a pent-up disgust and frustration with this issue in terms of people who have had meals disturbed, and no one has taken the forefront on the issue Mike Vuick, McDain's Restaurant and Golf Center Owner told CBS News.

McDain's calls itself an upscale, quiet and casual restaurant, where golfers can enjoy a post-play repast.

What's on the menu at the kid-banning restaurant?

Everything from jalapeno poppers to broiled filet mignon.

We feel that McDains is not a place for young children. Their volume can't be controlled and many, many times they have disturbed other customers, the restaurant said in an e-mail to customers, published on

On July 16, the date when McDain's will enact the ban on younger restaurant-goers, the establishment is set to host what its Web site calls a Customer Appreciation BASH!!

IBTimes reporters were unable to confirm whether the bash was in celebration of the ban at time of publication.

But on the day of the celebration, slated to run until 10pm, far past a normal six-year-old's bed time, Vuick is selling adult fare at a discounted price.

Filet Mignon $14.95 ----- $Lobster 16.95----- $Both for only 19.95, according to the restaurant Web site.

It appears as though the younger children of Pennsylvania will have to take there patronage to some other fine dining waterhole.