Kate Stoltz, "Return to Amish"
Kate was arrested for a DUI shortly before filming “Breaking Amish,” which raised questions on whether or not she was really leaving her community for the first time. TLC

The premise of “Breaking Amish” and “Return To Amish” was scandalous enough considering the strict laws of the Amish community. But the assorted cast members who have participated in the TLC series have garnered quite a fair share of other scandals over time that were possibly more shocking than their decisions to leave the communities they grew up in.

Since fans first met Rebecca Schmucker, Abe Schmucker, Kate Stoltz, Sabrina High and Jeremiah Raber in 2012, the scandals surrounding the group have been in sharp focus, including the ones that were unearthed during their first season. The other various members of their families who have been introduced over the years have also had their fair shares of scandal as well. Here are the 5 biggest scandals about the cast:

Rebecca and Abe Were Already A Couple—And Parents—When The Show First Aired

Rebecca and Abe Schmucker
Abe and Rebecca were proven to have met each other long before they supposedly met and fell in love on “Breaking Amish.” TLC

On the first season of the show, Rebecca and Abe were shown as having allegedly just met when they moved to New York, falling in love, and eventually marrying on the season finale. However, it was all later revealed to be a lie, as the two admitted on that season’s reunion show that they did know one another before, but claimed they didn’t date. Rebecca also denied that Abe was the father of her only daughter at the time, Kayla. A few years later, ahead of the premiere of the first season of “Return to Amish,” she reportedly finally confirmed that Abe was the father, with a paternity test result posted online.

Kate Was Arrested For A DUI Before The Show Aired

The group were all billed as having first left their communities in order to do the show, but it was proven that wasn’t the case early on. Shortly before she filmed the show, Kate was arrested for a DUI in Florida, and since drinking, driving and living in Florida weren’t considered particularly Amish behaviors, it raised questions about whether or not she had still been a member of her Amish community at the time.

Sabrina’s Drug Addiction And Custody Battles

Sabrina High, "Return to Amish"
“Return to Amish” star Sabrina High has been arrested on drug charges. TLC

In more recent years, Sabrina has had a fair amount of press devoted to her struggles. She gave birth to a daughter, Oakley, during the first season of “Return to Amish,” but was absent from the second season due to rehab after she became addicted to heroin and homeless. She also lost custody of her daughter at that time. Season three saw a cleaned up Sabrina fighting to get custody of Oakley again, and succeeding. However, she lost custody of her daughter again in 2016. She also gave birth to a second daughter, Arianna. It is unclear if why she lost custody of Oakley again will be addressed on the new season, though it appears her new battle was showcased in a preview.

Chapel’s Fake Cancer Scam

Chapel Peace Schmucker, "Return to Amish"
Chapel’s cancer diagnosis revealed on “Return to Amish” proved to be a scam. TLC

The first season of “Return to Amish” reintroduced fans to Abe’s brother Andrew, and his girlfriend, Chapel, who he married at the end of the season after she found out she was once again sick with cancer. Following the reveal on the show, Chapel took to social media with her struggle, and even had a Go Fund Me page to help fund money for an alternative treatment after chemo allegedly made her too ill. However, she later landed in major legal troubles as well, with drug busts and jail time. Fans began wondering if the cancer had all been a lie. Kate later confirmed it was false after taking to Twitter to voice her displeasure with the show ahead of season three.

Jeremiah Is Arrested For Domestic Abuse

Jeremiah Raber,  "Return to Amish"
“Return To Amish” star Jeremiah Raber has revealed he is divorcing his wife, Carmela. TLC

Most recently, ahead of the show’s upcoming season, the cast was rocked by another scandal. Season three saw Jeremiah marrying a woman named Carmela, but the couple appears to have hit a major rough patch. Jeremiah was arrested on April 22 after allegedly throwing hot coffee in Carmela’s lap, and the police report indicated he had been physically abusive to her and “punched her every day.” He has since been released on a bond, but Carmela has taken out a restraining order against him.

What scandals will unfold this season? Tune in when “Return To Amish” Season 4 premieres on TLC on Sunday, April 30 at 8 p.m. EDT.