Next week’s installment of “Revenge” may be titled “Loss” but it looks like episode 17 will focus more on the downfall of Jack (Nick Wechsler) than the brutal demise of Lyman (Sebastian Piggot). Last night during the hit ABC drama, fans watched as an enraged Jack got hauled off into the backseat of a police car after getting pulled over for driving while intoxicated -- a plan devised by the vengeful Margaux (Karine Vanasse).

Filled with hate after Emily (Emily VanCamp) tarnished Daniel’s (Joshua Bowman) name, Margaux decided to seek revenge, hitting Em where it hurt the most: her heart. Margaux didn’t think twice about involving Jack either, not after he tricked her into wearing a bracelet that destroyed evidence she had to finally take Emily down. So, Margaux used her charm and power to persuade the cops to arrest Jack of drunk driving and take his son into custody.

According to the synopsis for episode 17, Emily will fight to “clear Jack’s name in and out of court.” Oh how the tides have turned! Now Emily is the one watching the name of someone she loves get dragged through the dirt. But just how far is Emily willing to go in order to exonerate the charges against Jack? Will she put herself in the line of fire in order to reunite father and son? The promo video for the upcoming episode reveals that Margaux will end up getting a taste of just how viscous Emily can be when you mess with her family and friends.

That’s not all the drama that’s expected to occur next week. The summary teases that newlyweds Nolan (Gabriel Mann) and Louise (Elena Satine) will receive a visit from Officer Ben Hunter (Brian Hallisay) -- and it won’t be to wish them congratulations on their marriage. We’ve theorized that Ben will have investigative-motives behind his pit stop to the Ross residence following the murder of Louise’s brother.

In episode 16, Lyman was pushed to his death after he and his sister got into a scuffle over an incriminating flash drive. Lyman was encouraged by Margaux (his new partner in crime -- literally) to get salacious scoop on Emily’s best friend, which he would have been rewarded for handsomely. However, his plan to destroy Nolan came crashing down as his sister wrestled him off the side of a cliff and to his demise. Talk about a sibling rivalry. This leaves us wondering if Ben's visit with Louise and Nolan will be to discuss murder charges or express his condolences.

Fans will find out when “Revenge” airs Sunday, March 22 at 10 p.m. EDT on ABC.