Somebody is about to get burned. According to TVLine, fans of the hit ABC drama “Revenge” should prepare themselves for a seriously heated episode -- and we mean that literally.

The site teased that a future Season 4 installment of “Revenge” will feature a “devastating fire,” which is set to ignite at a currently unknown Hamptons residence. But we suppose we should have anticipated the smoky storyline once we learned episode 19 of the current season is titled “Burn.”

So does this mean viewers should expect the demise of a character in the episode? While that’s still unknown, we do know for certain that two Hamptonites will be safe from a fiery fate. TVLine revealed that Emily (Emily VanCamp) and her father David (James Tupper) will attempt to search the burned home for clues in episode 20, “Aftermath,” as they try to connect the dots of the tragedy.

However, the father/daughter duo will be turned away by officials after they make an effort to slip into the ash-filled home for a quick glimpse. Does this mean it’s safe to say Emily’s relationship with officer Ben (Brian Hallisay) will fizzle out by the time episode 20 is shown? If the two were still together, then Ben could have easily snuck Em into the rubble to sift for evidence.

That leaves us questioning whether this theoretical breakup might have something to do with the return of Ben’s ex-wife, April (Sarah Lancaster). In an attempt to seek revenge on Emily in episode 15, Margaux (Karine Vanasse) decided to attack her enemy’s heart by blackmailing her current beau. According to Margaux, she found April and threatened to expose her whereabouts -- which Ben was desperate to keep hidden for some mysterious reason.

But, as hard as Ben may try to keep April’s location under wraps, the “pretty-but-scrappy” character will make her Long Island debut in episode 16 of “Revenge.”

“Revenge,” Season 4, episode 16, will be shown on ABC Sunday, March 15, at 10 p.m. EDT.