Some say the truth will set you free, but in the world of “Revenge,” honesty can only open up an even bigger, more grotesque can of worms. In episode 7 of the hit ABC series’ fourth season, Emily (Emily VanCamp) finally reveals to her father (James Tupper) her true identity.

That’s right: After uncovering the secret that David had been monitoring Amanda for a number of years (when he claimed he was imprisoned), Emily completely lost it. She ambushed her deceptive father in the middle of his quiet evening with Victoria (Madeline Stowe) and blurted out her frustration that he didn't come to her aid sooner.

During the emotional father-daughter reunion, Victoria managed to slip out in the middle of the stormy night, with the thought of David’s reaction to her double-crossing haunting her. But her dread was interrupted when a lightning bolt struck down a power line, knocking out the Grayson matriarch.

Victoria’s sudden perilous situation resulted in David cutting short his first one-on-one with Amanda. In a promo for episode 8, set to air Sunday, Nov. 16, David rushes to Victoria’s side with the hopes of rescuing the woman who had been lying to him since he made his Season 4 debut. And viewers can bet Emily will not be too thrilled with her father’s catlike reflexes to save her enemy -- especially when he tells her to dial 911.

“She took everything from us. Why can’t you see that?” Emily says to her father in the trailer for “Contact." Emily can’t understand why her dad is so quick to react when Victoria is in danger but is nowhere to be found when she's suffering.

“You did nothing -- while I suffered,” she begins to tear up in the trailer for episode 8.

And if fans thought the Hampton’s was safe now that the show’s biggest villain was admitted to a hospital (and whose fate was up in the air), they'll have to think again. According to the synopsis, a “new and mysterious” enemy will strike when “Revenge” returns for more drama next week.

Who do you think will be wrecking havoc in episode 8 of “Revenge”? Sound off with your Season 4 theories below before “Contact” airs Sunday, Nov. 16, at 10 p.m. EST.