Revenge season 4 spoilers
"Revenge" has added "The Simpsons" star, Yeardley Smith, to Season 4 of the ABC series. Reuters

You’ve known her as the voice of Marge and Homer’s eldest daughter on the long-running animated series “The Simpsons,” but now you’ll be hearing the iconic voice of Lisa Simpson on one of your favorite ABC series – “Revenge.”

It was announced by TVLine that Yeardley Smith, who has been portraying the voice of the beloved yellow cartoon since 1989, would be appearing on the fourth season of “Revenge,” making her debut during the Season 4 premiere on Sunday, Sep. 28, at 10 p.m. EDT.

Smith will be taking on the role of Phyllis, a fellow patient at the psychiatric institution where Victoria Grayson found herself admitted – against her will – in the Season 3 finale.

The only question we have regarding Smith’s guest-starring role is how she and Victoria will interact within the confined walls. Will the ladies help one another a la “Girl Interrupted”? Or can we expect a psychiatric ward feud?

Well, according to Madeline Stowe’s Twitter account, it seems as though fans can anticipate a new blossoming relationship to occur between the two roommates during the upcoming season.

“Incredibly excited to see @YeardleySmith’s Phyllis and Victoria together in 401. Bring on September 28th! #Revenge #RevengeS4,” Stowe addressed fans through social media.

But despite Victoria’s new pal, the show’s executive producer, Sunil Nayar, teased that for those who love watching the villain squirm will “not be disappointed” with where we take back up with Stowe’s character.

How do you think Stowe and Smith’s relationship will unfold in Season 4 of “Revenge”? Are you anticipating Victoria to encounter a new enemy? Sound off in the comments section below.