Charlie Matheson
An executive producer for "Revolution" says that Wednesday's new episode "Austin City Limits" may cause viewers to "come at us with pitchforks," and a promo trailer seems to confirm that quote. Was he hinting that Charlie Matheson will be killed? Felicia Graham/NBC

Brace yourselves, “Revolution” fans. An executive producer of the hit NBC series hints that Wednesday’s new episode, titled “Austin City Limits,” may include the death of a major character.

On the last new episode of “Revolution,” the conflict between Miles Matheson’s rapidly growing guerrilla army and the shady “Patriots” faction came to a head, as Sebastian Monroe led his mercenaries on a deadly raid into enemy territory. But a new promo video for this Wednesday’s episode shows several characters, including Miles, Charlie, Aaron and Connor Monroe, in potentially life-threatening positions.

Furthermore, Rockne S. O’Bannon, an executive producer on “Revolution,” isn’t denying that Wednesday’s episode might end in tragedy. In an interview with TV Guide, he hinted that a major character might be in danger, but declined to get into specifics.

“[The episode] may not be for everyone,” he said, according to TV Guide. “We’re totally prepared for some of our regular views to come at us with pitchforks after a certain shocking event in this episode.”

So which “Revolution” character is currently in the most danger? The show hasn’t shied away from killing off major characters in the past, and given the dark turn “Revolution” has taken in its second season, nearly everyone is a candidate for an untimely death. Now, with Miles and company rushing off to Texas to prevent the Patriots’ planned assassination of the rival nation’s leadership, every main character could be in trouble.

A promo trailer for “Austin City Limits” does provide a few additional hints, stating, “nothing will prepare you when one of your favorites pays with their life.” In one scene, Tom Neville’s son, Jason, approaches Monroe’s military camp while holding Connor at gunpoint. Evidently, the situation results in a standoff between Monroe’s men and Jason. However, it seems unlikely that Jason will be killed, as tells Monroe that he “wants to help,” presumably in the warlord’s fight against the Patriots.

The end of the trailer seems to hint that either Miles, Charlie or Aaron will be killed this week. In particular, the promo shows a bloody Charlie locked in a life-or-death physical struggle with an unknown individual.

Will “Revolution” really kill off a character that’s as essential to the series as Charlie or Miles? Tune in to NBC on Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET to find out.