Real Housewives of Atlanta
Porsha Williams, Sheree Whitfield, NeNe Leakes, Cynthia Bailey, Kandi Burruss and Kenya Moore are cast members on Season 10 of “Real Housewives of Atlanta.” Alex Martinez/Bravo

Several of the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” cast members immediately chose sides when Kim Zolciak shared a video of roaches crawling around in Nene Leakes’ home. However, Bravo star Porsha Williams wasn’t eager to give her support to either woman and was slammed over her refusal to pick a side.

In a sneak peek of the upcoming episode, Marlo Hampton calls out Porsha for not confronting Kim over her controversial text message about Nene since the two are friends.

However, Porsha quickly explains she and Kim are only acquaintances. “I’m still getting to know her, thank you,” Porsha tells Marlo.

“I don’t need you to hold my feet to the fire for anything,” she argues.

In an attempt to defuse the situation, Nene tries to break down Marlo’s message to Porsha. “What Marlo is saying is...if you know she’s wrong, you should say something to her like ‘You’re wrong.”

Porsha didn’t disagree with Nene but wasn’t ready to state whether she was team Nene or team Kim. “And I agree with you, I do,” Porsha tells Nene.

“Please don’t take me not saying exactly what she said that I agree,” she added.

Nene told Porsha she accepted her response about the matter and was not upset with her. In the confessional, Porsha revealed the reason why she didn’t want to pick sides in Nene and Kim’s fight was because the two have been friends for years, and tend to fight and make up.

“I know Kim and Nene’s relationship. They will cut each other down to the white meat, and then two seconds later, they’re best friends! So, I’m not finna get in the middle of that.”

However, Marlo kept pushing Porsha to make a decision and began screaming at her, though she wasn’t interested in engaging in a shouting match.

During the “RHOA” after show about the previous episode, Kim revealed she wasn’t sorry about texting the cast a video of roaches in Nene’s house after her frenemy hinted she has been lying about her health problems.

“I don’t have any regrets sending the video whatsoever, I feel like enough is enough,” Kim said.

Although Porsha believes there’s a chance Nene and Kim can fix their friendship, it looks like their latest fight may not be one they can work past.

“Real Housewives of Atlanta” Season 10 airs Sunday at 8 p.m. EST.

Kim Zolciak
Kim Zolciak caused trouble while her “Real Housewives of Atlanta” Season 10 cast mates wher on vacation. Alex Martinez/Bravo