“Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” Reunion Season 6
The ladies of “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” flanking Andy Cohen, faced off about the many issues that played out during Season 6 on part one of the reunion special. NBC Universal

Season 6 of “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” was a difficult one for Yolanda Foster, and if the remainder of the reunion is anything like Tuesday’s episode, it will be no different. The former supermodel spent much of Season 6 fighting for her health while also battling rumors about her Lyme disease diagnosis. All the while, her marriage to David Foster was struggling.

Early on in part one, host Andy Cohen questioned Yolanda about their marriage, which spanned four years. He questioned whether she knew that things were headed south during a majority of the season or was “blindsided” by the news after “RHOBH” wrapped. This prompted a reaction from Lisa Vanderpump, who quickly jumped in with questions of her own about how Yolanda’s marital woes — if they did in fact exist during filming — may have affected the way she handled certain situations. Yolanda quickly became emotional, revealing that their relationship had definitely suffered because of her diagnosis, but she did not believe it was irreparable. The mother of three shared with viewers, as well as her co-stars, that she and David had “a discussion” on Nov. 2, 2015, that ultimately led to the demise of what everyone around them believed was a perfect marriage.

Yolanda made several other shocking claims during the reunion special that neither viewers nor her co-stars could have seen coming. For starters, she largely blamed herself and her illness for the downfall of their marriage, telling Andy she “fell off the planet” after getting sick. Yolanda also said that while she and David were very close during their marriage, they have had little contact since the split. As for the future, she assured viewers she wouldn’t be rushing into anything anytime soon.

“I don’t think so, no,” she said when asked whether she would consider marrying again.

In addition to discussing the issues in her marriage to David, Yolanda was able to touch on some of the many rumors and accusations that were flung about her diagnosis during Season 6. She and Andy specifically discussed Kyle’s early claims that it might be depression rather than Lyme disease, dismissing them. She told Andy that she had suffered from clinical depression in the past and would have known for certain if that was the problem. Lisa V. backed those claims, revealing to the ladies — and Andy — that she had been told about the bout of depression before. Kyle then took a moment to defend herself, claiming she was not trying to be accusatory but rather suggesting that Yolanda keep her mind open to other diagnoses.

Lisa Rinna also found a moment to get in a word about the Munchausen's syndrome rumors. She alleged that during her birthday party Lisa V.'s husband made rude comments about Yolanda's appearance, at which point Lisa V. chimed in, claiming that the former supermodel clearly wasn't well, which may cost them their "storyline." Lisa V. vehemently denied those claims, stating that she'd never called Lisa R. and never urged her to say anything she didn't want to.

Another hot-button item during part one of the reunion special was the pre-existing feud between “RHOBH” newcomer Kathryn Edwards and friend of the “Housewives” Faye Resnick. Kathryn reiterated to Andy that she was turned off by Faye before ever meeting her during filming due to something that she’d written about her in a book filled with details regarding the O.J. Simpson trial and Nicole Brown Simpson’s murder. Kyle Richards jumped in, reminding Kathryn that she and Faye had had one lovely interaction during which Faye told Kathryn she looked beautiful and the “RHOBH” rookie accepted. She suggested that Faye is one of the most sincere people she knows, alleging that Kathryn had not given her a chance. Kathryn quickly grew irritated by Kyle’s suggestions, claiming Faye had no business to be discussing her in a book without knowing her or the details of her relationship with former husband Marcus Allen. Kyle began to tear up, pleading with Andy to change the subject to anything else, and the ladies moved on.

Part two of the "RHOBH" Season 6 reunion special airs April 26 at 9 p.m. EDT on Bravo.