This season of Bravo’s “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” has been nothing short of dramatic and the Season 6 finale was no different. The cast returned from their trip to Dubai, United Emirates, and brought their baggage — literal and otherwise — back to Beverly Hills with them.

Shortly after landing in the 90210, Kyle Richards gets to work on the final touches for a party at her home in the La Quinta desert. The rest of the “RHOBH” ladies detox from the mess that was their trip. Erika Girardi sits down with Yolanda Foster to discuss the events — most of which centered around her Lyme disease diagnosis. The “Painkillr” singer reveals to her gal pal that the ladies are no longer debating whether her illness is legitimate, but rather who started the rumors. Lisa Rinna now claims it was Lisa Vanderpump who perpetuated the entire thing, while the SUR restaurateur says the exact opposite.

The big day arrives and Kyle is more than slightly nervous. Not only are Lisa R. and Lisa V. expected to cordially come together for the evening, but her sister Kim Richards, who also has issues with the former soap opera star, will be in attendance. The ladies begin pouring in and things seem to be going well. Yolanda shocks her “RHOBH” co-stars by arriving completely done up for the first time all season, but is able to show off her new look for only so long. Lisa R. arrives shortly after and immediately pulls her aside for a chat. The pair sit down and Lisa R. immediately begins blaming Lisa V., who has yet to arrive. She walks in mid-conversation, which is clearly uncomfortable for everyone involved.

After hashing things out with Lisa R., Yolanda heads over to Lisa V. to get her side of the story. She laughs off her new foe’s claims, telling the former supermodel there is absolutely no truth to them. She then calls in Kyle, who backs that story. Lisa V. claims it was Lisa R. who came over to her house suggesting that Yolanda’s Lyme disease was a sham earlier in the season. This leaves Yolanda feeling confused. She returns to Lisa R. and Eileen Davidson to discuss what’s just transpired and they are far from surprised.

The ladies suggest getting everyone together to compare notes on a nearby couch, but their plans are thwarted by Kim, who asks to speak to Lisa R. alone. The pair step aside to discuss their issues from Season 5, which doesn’t go as planned. Their discussion quickly escalates, leading to Kim walking off. Meanwhile, Lisa V. has plotted her escape with husband Ken, leaving the ladies unable to truly get to the bottom of anything.

The episode then flashes forward two months, revealing perhaps an even bigger bombshell — Yolanda and David Foster’s divorce. The news come during the holiday season in 2015, leaving her “RHOBH” co-stars shocked. The ladies gather to discuss the news, which none of them can comprehend. Many express similar feelings that Yolanda and David were the ideal couple however, as she later explains to Erika, they simply stopped “making each other happy.” She is hopeful that in time they’ll be able to carry out a friendly relationship despite their failed marriage.