Bobby Zarin and Jill Zarin
Jill Zarin is reportedly very supportive of husband Bobby amid his cancer battle. Pictured: The reality TV couple attending the Hublot after party in Miami Beach, Florida on Dec. 2, 2016. Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Hublot of America

Jill Zarin continues to be a loving and supportive wife to husband Bobby Zarin amid the latter’s battle against cancer. The “Real Housewives of New York” cast member even did some remodelling to their apartment just to make sure that her better half is living comfortably.

On Wednesday, a source close to the reality TV couple gushed to Us Weekly about how the two are holding up during this difficult time. According to the source, Jill has been devoting her time to do the little things that would make her husband happy. “Jill has been by his side, trying to do little things to make him happy and make his day,” the source said.

But as it turns out, Jill did not just focus on the little things. She apparently allotted a lot of time into the remodelling of their apartment. “Jill redid their apartment so he could be comfortable. She focused on it for the last year — spent the whole year renovating, got him an electric bed that goes up and down — to make sure that when this time came he’d be very comfortable,” the source revealed.

Bobby, 71, is said to be struggling at the moment, but he is putting up a good fight for his life. “Bobby is really strong. He’s really fighting,” the source said before adding that Jill, however, prepared for when the time comes when her husband’s health problem becomes very serious. “This was inevitable and Jill knew this would eventually happen … Jill has private nurses around the clock, and aides, plus a great doctor who comes over,” the source said.

Despite his struggle, Bobby reportedly encourages his family to go live and their lives and do what they normally do. He is even asking Jill to take some time off and be with her friends, so she could have some quality time with them.

Despite the optimistic vibe the couple is emanating amid Bobby’s cancer battle, Jill, 53, still couldn’t help but feel sad over her husband’s condition. When she recently attended Bloomingdale’s Makeup Date 2017 event, an insider told Radar Online that the “RHONY” actress was “holding back tears and looked worried and scared.”

The insider also shared that it was Bobby’s idea that Jill show up at the Bloomingdale’s event. “She said Bobby encouraged her to step away and honor her commitment to Bloomingdale’s but it was very hard for her. She said the past few weeks have been a roller coaster of good days and bad days and that the family is taking things day by day.”

Bobby was diagnosed with thyroid cancer back in 2009. Early this year, Jill revealed that the diagnosis “took an unexpected turn” and that her husband’s days are now numbered.