Move over Chris Brown -- it looks like Rihanna has found a new fling. The R&B songstress was seen partying with New York Knicks team member J.R. Smith over the Memorial Day weekend.

Rihanna celebrated the holiday at the LIV nightclub in Miami's Fontainbleau Hotel, where she was spotted with Smith, according to the Daily Telegraph. Her former flame and hip-hop sensation Drake was also at the club, although their encounter was described as very friendly and drama-free by the Chicago Sun Times.

Earlier this month, the chart-topping superstar was seen sitting on Smith's lap at the Veranda nightclub in the West Village.

But is she still hung up on ex-beau Chris Brown? Although clues on the We Found Love singer's Twitter account point to happiness without Brown, some close friends of Rihanna seem to think differently, according to the Chicago Sun Times.

I still think she has a thing for Chris in a big way, a source close to the singer said . It's weird, but I believe she may be dating J.R. to make Chris jealous in some kind of twisted way.

The 24-year-old pop R&B sensation's Twitter account seems to reflect her recent relationship. Ri-Ri doesn't specifically mention Smith in the post, but the positive words did come right after her weekend with the basketball star in Miami's South Beach.

I'm such a lucky f-kin lady, she tweeted on May 30.

Those close to Rihanna seem to think that her current fling is the latest in a trend of bad boy types, with longtime friends saying, Here we go again, according to the Sun Times, and the NBA star's behavior over the holiday weekend certainly supports that assertion.

Smith was arrested in Miami Beach for driving without a valid driving license, the Sun Times reported.

Back in 2007, he served a month behind bars for running a stop sign and causing an accident that took the life of his passenger and friend Andre Bell.

Recently, Smith was fined $25,000 by the NBA for posting a photo of a woman's rear end on Twitter.

It is unclear exactly where this romantic development will take the Battleship actress, but her friends acknowledge that love is never a simple venture for Rihanna.

When it comes to her love life, it's always complicated, the same source said to the Sun Times.

But social media could be hiding subtle clues as to what the singer really wants. Some speculate that Rihanna has been retweeting an astrological Twitter account Pisces Are Us to post messages about her previous rocky relationship with Chris Brown.

The glyph for #Pisces shows two fish swimming in opposite directions, and this is symbolic of the Pisces nature, read one of the posts.

This is particularly revealing about the Barbados-born celebrity's nature, according to Hollywood Life.

This new stream of tweets seems to illuminate what she craves in her life and in her relationships, writes the team at the Bonnie Fuller-owned website.