Rihanna and Shakira Tumblr

Rihanna is facing heat over her latest music video, which features her scantily clad alongside singer Shakira. In “Can’t Remember to Forget You,” the two beauties roll around on a mattress, show off their assets, and even touch each other’s derrieres. But don't expect Rihanna to be apologetic about her latest raunchy antics.

Viewers of the video were quick to comment on its sexual nature. “So sick of women degrading themselves in music videos. Put some [f------] clothes on and act like ladies. So disgusting,” one commenter wrote.

But Rihanna is quick to let fans know that she is no role model and is not trying to be one.

While promoting her new MAC cosmetic line, the 25-year-old entertainer addressed the pressure to be a good role model. “I don’t like to use that word because people have their own opinion on what that means to them," she told USA Today.

"I can’t really say I’m a role model. I’m not perfect. I’m not trying to sell that. I want people to have fun but be responsible, protect themselves and be in control of your life. You can never judge people. I always made that a point. You never know what someone is going through.”

Rihanna added that people often misjudge her. “I think they think I’m drunk all the time. I think they think I am always partying, that my house is probably a party all the time with tons of people and tons of music and no clothes. I think that’s what they think. I’m actually very laid back. I love watching TV on a big old couch by myself. I love to swim in the ocean or the pool.”