Oh dip, ish just got real wit Rihanna and Chris Brown! On a remix of Kanye West's Theraflu (the original of which itself sparked interstar drama with its digs at Kim Kardashian ex Kris Humphries), Chris Brown goes hard on Rihanna, rapping: Don't f*ck with my old bitch it's like a bad fur / Every industry n**** done had her / Shook the tree like a pumpkin just to smash her / B*tch is breaking codes, but I'm the password. (Check out the video embedded at the end of the article.)

The verse seems an obvious reference to his ex-girlfriend Rihanna, who's been linked to many high-profile celebrities – from Ashton Kutcher to Meek Mill – since her break-up with abusive ex Chris Brown. Furthermore, the B*tch is breaking codes, but I'm the password line may refer to their infamous Grammy 2009 night fight, when Chris Brown admitted to punching Rihanna, likely after she cracked the code on his cell phone and saw texts to and from other girls.

Rihanna wasted no time responding to the slight, unfriending Chris Brown (who returrned the favor) and tweeting:

...to which Brown replied:

...but couldn't Rihanna say the same thing to Chris?!

This is not the first sign of trouble between Chris and Rihanna, but it is the most public. Just yesterday there were reports that Rihanna was freaking out over Chris Brown's new tattoo of current girlfriend Karrueche Tran. Despite outting their relationship as open and the naysayers, they've managed to stay together despite Breezy and RiRi's collaborations in February, and Rihanna reportedly partied herself into an exhaustion episode after the New York Met Gala, for whichs he had to be transported to the hospital. (No worries – she's fine now, and back in L.A.)

Until now, the tension was limited to the gossip pages, and though Rihanna lashed out at Karrueche Tran in tweets, she and Chris never went at each other directly. But with Chris taking his anger at Rihanna to the airwaves, could Rihanna get back at him with a track of her own? Lord knows he has more skeletons in his closet than her!

So what's next for the star-struck (literally!) couple? Who knows, but whatever it is, it's sure to keep the gossip writers in business!

Check out Breezy's diss track below: