Despite the lack of public evidence that Chris Brown can in fact read, Rihanna is apparently freaking out over rumors that her ex-boyfriend could release a tell-all book, exposing the scintillating details of their much-scrutinized relationship, which is (or at least was) rumored to be back on despite the fact that they haven't been an item in years.

At least, that's what British gossip rag Now Magazine is claiming in its May 7 issue and on its website.

He's expected to open up about sexts they exchanged last year, Now reported, as well as possible discuss the argument that left [Rihanna] with a battered face and split lip before the 2009 Grammy Awards.

Beyond that, Now doesn't offer any more details, and with no other site even repeating the rumors, we can probably just chalk it up to the hyperactive imagination of the British press, which makes Media Take Out seem like a paragon of fact-checking and solid sourcing in comparison.

Still, the sexts from the past year that the magazine references may well exist – despite the fact that Rihanna and Chris Brown publicly broke up over three years ago after the infamous Grammy night beating that Breezy gave RiRi, there have been persistent rumors that they reconnected around this year's Grammy's in February, and also hits that they're not together anymore, which would obviously be a prerequisite for a tell-all book by Brown.

Rihanna was reportedly spotted in Chris Brown's dressing room at the Grammy's, and rumor was that she was sneaking into his recording studio to hook up with him without being caught by Chris Brown's nominal girlfriend, Karrueche Tran, who, in any case, was okay with her and Breezy's open relationship.

The rumors kicked into high gear when the two released remixes of each other's songs, including Rihanna's raunchy remix of Brown's Birthday Cake.

TMZ published late Wednesday night, the gossip site quoted sources close to the couple as saying that friends of Rihanna and Brown are desperately trying to keep them apart shortly after the remixes dropped. But it may have been too late for that – Us Weekly said the stars had been together for nearly a year.)

TMZ also corroborated what Bill Zwecker at the Chicago Sun-Times said about Rihanna being the one who pursued the relationship this go around, writing that Rihanna is still head over heels for Chris, and that if it weren't for the media and her fans – referring to the so-called Rihanna Navy (or Navi, as she's taken to spelling it recently) – she would already have taken him back.

If Now Magazine is right and all of this comes out, it would be very damaging to Rihanna, who's experienced a lot of blowback from even her musical reunion with Chris Brown. But we're skeptical – call us when someone more reputable than a British tabloid gets behind it! Until then, we're guessing Rihanna is safe from a tell-all least for now.