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There's no shortage of people condemning Chris Brown and Rihanna's new musical (and likely romantic) reunion, but Miranda Lambert seems to have really gotten to the controversial couple.

Miranda Lambert had previously gotten into a tiff with Chris Brown after criticizing him before one of her shows, provoking Mr. Breezy to claim that she was only doing it for publicity, and that his Grammy was vindication. But that didn't stop Lambert from blasting him again, after which Rihanna few into a rage, the National Enqurier writes in its March 12 issue.

Rihanna got Miranda's phone number from a mutual acquaintance, an anonymous source told the National Enquirer. She told [Miranda] to worry about her own relationship because her husband is known for his wandering eye.

Rihanna has moved on since her relationship with Chris, the source added. She believes that if she can let it go, considering she was the victim, others need to move forward also.

Miranda Lambert is of course not the first (or last) celebrity to speak out against Chris Brown and Rihanna's reconciliation. Jay-Z, Rihanna's long time mentor and close friend, is said to have had a falling out with RiRi over her collaboration with her confessed abuser, and took their hook-up so personally that he dumped her from Roc Nation's latest Chase & Status-produced single, R.I.P., featuring Tinnie Tempah, instead handing it off to fledgling newcomer, Kosovar Rita Ora.

As for the accusations of infidelity against Miranda Lambert's husband Blake Shelton, Celebitchy writes, The Enquirer has been running stories about him for a while, but they're not getting a lot of press so who knows if this is true.

This could just be a clever way for The Enquirer to squeeze a new angle out of this story, Celebitchy wrote, but the fact that they add the detail that Rihanna actually called Miranda makes me think it's true.

This isn't Miranda Lambert's first time speaking out on domestic violence, either. After she criticized Brown during one of her comments, she performed her hit song Gunpowder & Lead, about a wife preparing to shoot her abusive husband, from her album Your Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

Here's a video from the concert where she first went after Chris Brown, saying, Beating up a woman is never okay: