The new “Rings” trailer has some seriously creepy scenes. Paramount Pictures

Samara is back! “Rings,” the second sequel to 2002’s “The Ring,” just released a new trailer, and it looks scarier than ever. The movie once again follows someone who watched the video and will be killed in seven days. VHS tapes have become obsolete, but Samara has worked around that. Her next victim will see the clip on the internet.

The “Rings” trailer shows Julia (Matilda Lutz) trying to save her boyfriend (Alex Roe) from his obsession with this legend about a video that kills people seven days after they watch it. Julia sacrifices herself and watches the movie, but it looks like she isn’t the only target in this trailer.

The new promo video looks pretty creepy. These are the six skin-crawling scenes that are going to be even more disturbing on the big screen:

1. The Shower — First, skin starts coming off Julia’s hands, which is gross, but not too bad. Things take a turn for the worst when she starts pulling a never-ending chunk of hair out of her mouth.

2. The Well — Julia investigates a girl in the well. She finds old chains and messages like “HELP ME” carved into the wall.

3. The Twitch —Julia’s mother is only seen from behind, but audiences know something is wrong. The way she twitches her head makes us anxious to see how bad it’s going to be when she turns around.

4. The Hands — Around the 1:41 mark, it looks like someone’s taking hand holding a little too far. The hands are molded together.

5. The Bugs — Never mind the fact that Samara is underneath them, those creepy crawlers alone are enough to send chills down your spine.

6. The Airplane — The plane sequence looks like it will be one of the scariest scenes in “Rings.” The video starts playing on every monitor, but it doesn’t look like these flyers, which includes “Vampire Diaries” actor Zach Roerig, have seven days. Their plane is going down now.

Watch the trailer above!

“Rings” is set to hit theaters Oct. 28, just in time for Halloween.