Damon J. Gillespie as Robbie
Robbie’s (Damon J. Gillespie) football teammates make fun of his fellow theater kids in Season 1, episode 4 of NBC’s “Rise.” NBC/Eric Liebowitz

Robbie’s two worlds collide in the next episode of “Rise.”

After winning a game in Season 1, episode 4 of the NBC series, Stanton High’s football team throws a victory party at Robbie’s (Damon J. Gillespie) house. But the celebration, according to the synopsis for the hour, turns sour when tension rises between Robbie’s fellow football players and his co-theater kids.

In the trailer for the installment, Maashous (Rarmian Newton) and Michael (Ellie Desautels) arrive at the party together. And moments later, a couple of football players start making fun of Michael’s sexuality.

Elsewhere in the promo clip, Robbie invites Lilette (Auli’i Cravalho) to the party. And since Lilette’s best friend Simon (Ted Sutherland) is leaving Stanton High for St. Francis soon, the latter takes time to make sure that the quarterback isn’t messing with Lilette’s feelings.

“You invited her to your party,” Simon tells Robbie of Lilette in a sneak peek from the episode. “[But the] problem is you’re dating that rally girl.”

“Stephanie (Taylor Dawn Brauer)? No, man,” Robbie replies. “We just have a vibe.”

“Well, Lilette doesn’t vibe, OK?” Simon points out. “Look, I’m not gonna be here much longer. If you hurt Lilette, I’ll kill you.”

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Sutherland confirmed that Simon is “going to go off to St. Francis and struggle with that for a bit.” But Sutherland revealed to TV Guide that there will be a bit of a power struggle in regards to Simon’s future between his mom and his father in the upcoming episodes. “His father is a bit more adamant about keeping him in St. Francis and stuff like that, and his mother is a bit more accepting of Simon and wanting him to go back to [Stanton],” the young actor said.

Also in the next episode, Tracey (Rosie Perez) reluctantly explores a new relationship with her not-so-secret admirer Andy (Diallo Riddle). The Mazzuchellis also visit Gail’s (Marley Shelton) sister, but their trip goes sideways when Gordy (Casey W. Johnson) sneaks off back to Stanton.

“Rise” Season 1, episode 4, titled “Victory Party,” airs on Tuesday, April 3 at 9 p.m. EDT on NBC.