R.L. Stine New Novel
R.L. Stine, pictured here at the 16th Annual Los Angeles Times Festival of Books on May 1, 2011, believes his next "Fear Street" novel will be his most gruesome work yet. Getty

R.L. Stine has had a long successful career writing stories filled with fright, terrors and things that go bump in the night. With his newest book, he is promising that the novel won't only give you goosebumps, it'll be his most gruesome yet.

The author took to Twitter Tuesday afternoon to announce his newest installment in the “Fear Street” revival, “The Lost Girl.” No release date has been given yet for the new novel.

"Fear Street" was a horror fiction series by the author, which he wrote from 1989-2005, and has sold over 80 million copies. He revived the series in 2014 with the release of “Party Games.” The second book of the revived series, “Don’t Stay Up Late,” came out in April.

Stine told CNN in September 2014, the new "Fear Street" books would reflect how young adult fiction has changed since the 90’s and they would be longer, more adult and more violent. “"For me, it's thinking of new scares, plot twists and cliffhanger chapter endings I haven't done before, moving into the modern world," Stine dished. “It will be a roller coaster ride of fearful surprises."

Stine also credited Twitter in an interview with Time as one of the reasons for bringing the series back. He said fans kept mentioning “Fear Street” and were nostalgic for the books they read growing up. He said he also stopped writing them because he felt he killed off enough teenagers.

“I did about 80 of them and we had a spin-off series and the sagas. I just wanted to do something new. I’d sort of run out of stories. And now I see horror is popular again in many ways. I always think that in scary times horror becomes popular,” he said.

Not only will a new “Fear Street” book be coming out but R.L. Stine’s works will make their way onto the big screen. On Oct. 16, “Goosebumps” will hit theaters with Jack Black starring as Stine. The movie will be about Stine’s niece teaming up with a new neighbor to try and stop the author’s imaginary demons, which have made their way out of his books and into town.

The trailer can be seen below: