Robbers entered the premises of a school in South Africa and stabbed four students after they refused to hand over their belongings.

The incident took place in Dassenhoek High School in KwaZulu-Natal on Wednesday morning.

Three robbers, armed with a gun and knives, broke the fence and entered the school premises. They then barged into a classroom and demanded valuables from teachers and the students. When the children refused, the accused stabbed four of them, Jacaranda FM reported.

"The robbers who were visibly armed with a gun and knives invaded the school and demanded valuables from teachers and pupils. The pupils stood their ground and refused to be bullied by the robbers," police said in a statement, Citizen reported.

"Sadly, the learners were eventually overpowered, terrorized, and stabbed and the perpetrators made off with cellphones, money and other valuable items," police said.

The accused then fled the scene and school authorities alerted police. The injured students were rushed to a local hospital where they were receiving treatment. Their condition was not known. None of the teachers were injured in the incident.

Following a search, one of the accused was taken into custody by police. The other two remained on the run as of Wednesday evening.

Meanwhile, a video doing the rounds on social media showed trails of blood in the school premises.

Wednesday’s incident comes just days after a robbery at a school in Etwatwa, South Africa. Three men approached Caiphus Nyoka Secondary School’s gate and told the guards that they had an appointment with the principal. After entering the premises, the men took out their firearms and ordered the principal and other staff to lie on the floor. They then emptied their bags and took everything valuable, including car keys, cellphones and laptops, Citizen reported.

In another similar case, four men entered a school in Germiston and held the general assistant hostage.

"They demanded all the keys so that they can open all the offices, however, they only managed to open the storeroom and used forced entry into the staff room, admin office and deputy principal’s office," police said at the time. They then fled with laptops, a music sound system and money.

Representation. A knife. Pixabay