• Robert Pattinson revealed that he feels really "weird" when someone calls him hot
  • Pattinson feels that none of his friends thought he was attractive until he starred in "Twilight"
  • The star was recently declared the "most handsome man in the world" according to science

Robert Pattinson feels really weird to be named the “most handsome man in the world” because he has always been awkward while meeting people throughout his life.

His statement comes after he was announced the most good-looking man in the world after vast scientific research. The study has picked Pattinson’s face as the one that comes closest to perfection according to the Golden Ratio of Beaty Phi Standards. The technique defines beauty in line with classic Greek calculations.

According to Daily Mail, the actor was found to be 92.15 percent accurate to the Golden Ratio measurements.

Speaking in an interview with Allure, the 33-year-old actor revealed how he feels when someone calls him hot or the most handsome man in the world because he was “never” going up for the good-looking guy roles. The star started his career with the “Harry Potter” franchise and then got the lead role in the highly-successful “Twilight” series.

Reflecting on the matter, Pattinson noted that it feels really “weird” when someone calls him attractive or hot because none of the people he knew thought he was good-looking in the initial years of his acting profession.

“It is weird. I never was really up for the good-looking-guy roles, because I have always been quite awkward when meeting people. After I did ‘Twilight,’ [my friends said,] ‘Oh, you are posing all of the time,’ and I am like, ‘What are you talking about? I am just standing. And none of you thought I was good-looking two years ago!’” Pattinson said.

The “High Life” star claimed the numero position on the list that also included Henry Cavill, Bradley Cooper, Brad Pitt, George Clooney, David Beckham, and Ryan Gosling.

The esteemed actor will next be seen in Christopher Nolan’s “Tenet” and Matt Reeves’ “The Batman.” Reeves recently shared the first look at Pattinson donning the iconic costume. The video, set to haunting background music by composer Michael Giacchino, slowly unveils the Bat logo on the front of the Batsuit before closing in on Pattinson’s face as he tries to flex his shoulders.

The 56-second clip ends with Pattinson looking toward the camera as he gives a much better look at the mask that has been covering his face.

The first in the trilogy, “The Batman,” is scheduled to hit cinemas on June 25, 2021.

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Actor Robert Pattinson pictured arriving at the Marrakech International Film festival on Nov. 30, 2018, in Marrakesh. FADEL SENNA/AFP/Getty Images