Roboquest Combat 1
Roboquest features a wide variety of weapons, from dual SMGs to flame-spitting rifles Roboquest


  • Speed is essential to live longer and get more wrenches after every area
  • Prioritize upgrades that give better weapons and perks
  • Pick the right targets whenever entering a new combat zone

Beneath the bright, colorful and comic book-esque aesthetic of "Roboquest" is a fun and nauseatingly fast roguelite FPS that rewards speed, accuracy and quick thinking.

The game isn't as brutally-difficult as some other titles in its genre, though reaching the end is still a challenge. Its healthy variety of enemies, list of tough boss fights and the plethora of guns in its arsenal make every mad dash to the next area feel fresh and exciting.

Here are a few tips on how to make each run more successful than the last.

Pick Targets Wisely

Some enemies should always take priority over others, whether it's because they have strong CC effects or simply have a higher threat rating than everything else.

Turrets, elemental bots and enemies with some form of crowd control should always be taken out first. Then, focus on the rest.

Swapping Weapons Is Better Than Reloading

"Roboquest" features an auto-reload mechanic that automatically refills the magazine of the player's stowed weapon. This makes quick-swapping a viable strategy, especially when used together with low-ammo guns like revolvers or launchers.

Priority Base Upgrades

Enemies get much tougher the deeper players push through "Roboquest's" levels. As such, upgrading the base camp is mandatory when it comes to power scaling.

Roboquest Tommy Gun
At its core, Roboquest is a looter shooter that features many different weapon rolls Roboquest

Players should prioritize maximizing the Hidden Function and Customized Weapons upgrades at the Basecamp. These will greatly improve the quality of guns found in chests by giving them more affixes or outright bumping their rarity up by at least one tier.

Speed Is Everything

When players aren't running and gunning, they should be grinding rails, jumping or powersliding to evade incoming shots.

Powersliding, in particular, is an important skill to master as it helps maintain momentum without taking away the player's ability to shoot. This can be done by pressing the crouch button while moving in any direction. No sprinting is required.

Dual-wielded weapons also deal more damage based on how fast players are moving.

Lastly, speed contributes to the final score players get after reaching the last room of a region. Faster clear speeds result in more rewards.

Roboquest Judgement Ball
Roboquest has a number of different bosses waiting at the end of its many levels Roboquest