A man died after drinking pure liquid meth. Wikipedia

A man in Britain died last week after consuming $54,000 worth of pure liquid meth, thinking it was a health drink.

The bottle had been sent to his daughter Katee’s home months before in a package bearing her address but someone else's name, acording to Cambridge news reports. Katee held onto the package, expecting someone would pick it up, but after six months, she opened it. Believing it was a health drink, she gave it to her father. Dias drank half a glass, after saying it tasted “awful” and gave him a burning sensation in his throat.

“I am in trouble here. I am dying, I am dead,” he told his daughter shortly after. He then passed away.

Crystal meth, or methamphetamine, is usually snorted, smoked or injected. It is a highly addictive white crystalline drug that in low dosages can increase alertness, concentration and energy in individuals. It also creates a false sense of happiness and a strong feeling of confidence. The effects of the drug usually last from six to eight hours, but can last a whole day.

Detective Inspector Ian Simmons told Huntington Coroners Court about the case, “The £34,000 is a significant amount. I would say it is highly likely it was destined for a dealer. It is unique; this is not an event that happens in Cambridgeshire or elsewhere.” According to police, finding meth in Britain is uncommon, but due to the popularity of AMC drama “Breaking Bad,” more people have been made aware of the deadly drug.

Dias’ death has been ruled an accident.