Doctors from Jackson Memorial Hospital released photos of Ronald Poppo, the 65-year-old homeless victim in the Miami attack over Memorial Day Weekend, on Tuesday showing the aftermath after Rudy Eugene allegedly chewed his face off. Jackson Memorial Hospital Hand

Doctors from Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami released photos of Ronald Poppo, the homeless victim in the so-called cannibal attack over the Memorial Day weekend, on Tuesday, showing the aftermath after Rudy Eugene allegedly chewed his face off.

The photos from Jackson Memorial Hospital are of Poppo's face up close, showing the upper portion covered in deep scabs. Both of his eye sockets are covered, one with gauze and the other with a skin graft.

Another photo from the handout, three weeks after the attack, shows Poppo walking upright, sporting a hospital gown, with the assistance of two hospital staff at his sides.

According to CBS Miami, Poppo, 65, is awake and alert despite having 50 percent of his face chewed off during the May 26 attack on the MacArthur Causeway. Doctors said he is talking, doing well, and is very interested in the Miami Heat in the NBA Playoffs, according to CBS.

I'm very pleased to say Mr. Poppo is doing very well today, Dr. Nicholas Namias, chief of trauma at the Ryder Trauma Center, said during the conference Tuesday. He is eating, he is talking with us.

The Jackson Health System tweeted an update about his condition on Tuesday in addition to the press conference.

Dr. Namias says he visited Mr. Poppo this morning and he had a message for everyone: 'Go Heat!' the message read.

Rudy Eugene was fatally shot by a police officer who found him chewing the face of Ronald Poppo along the MacArthur Causeway in Miami. Eugene reportedly growled at the officer, while tearing off Poppo's face with his teeth, prompting the officer to open fire. Police were tipped off by a motorist who dialed 911 to report a man, allegedly Eugene, shedding his clothing and exhibiting bizarre behavior.

Doctors said Poppo's left eye was gouged out in the attack and while his right eye is still there, they're not sure if he will regain any vision in it. Namias said his forehead and cheek were infected after the attack.

Despite his progress, surgeon Wrood Kassira said Poppo will need extensive surgery on his essentially destroyed face.

He is missing features that identified who he was before this trauma, Kassira said. He will need multiple surgeries in the future for reconstruction.

Kassira said Poppo is coping remarkably well through the help of mental health professionals on site. Poppo was described by doctors as charming and positive, CBS reported, but is concerned about the way he was portrayed in the media.

The Jackson Memorial Foundation has made huge strides in its efforts to raise funds to assist Ronald Poppo, having raised $15,000 already. Donations could be made by telephone at (305) 597-4404 or by visiting https://www.jmf.org/take-action-now/donations/.