Jersey Shore's Ronnie and Sammi have broken up again, guys, and this time it's totally for real. Like that other time. And that other time. And...

It's been two years, but four seasons, so it feels like more than two years. Probably four years. But yes, Ronnie, lesser known by his full name of Ronnie Ortiz-Magro, and Sammi Sweetheart Giancola have split up yet again.

Ronnie (because I'm not going to type Ortiz-Magro every time here, now) confirmed the break up to Us Weekly at a Paranormal Activity 3 superfan screening in New York on Tuesday.

We are not together, he said.

Pauly D, for one, is thrilled.

I love single Ronnie, he said. When he's doing the relationship thing, I let him do his thing. I don't get involved. When he's with Sammi he's a different person. She's a difficult woman!

Oh, yes, she is. Like that time when she caught Ronnie dancing within 12 feet of a girl and yelled and got all mad at him. And that time when she was just really boring and didn't really do anything on Jersey Shore except be with Ron and then not be with Ron and then be with Ron and then...

Where to begin? Well, Ronnie and Sammi got together way back in the first season of Jersey Shore. Then they broke up. Then they got back together in Miami. Then they broke up. Then they got back together at the Jersey Shore. Multiple times. Then they broke up. Multiple times. Then they got back together in Italy. Then they broke up. Now on the show, they're back together.

Being in Italy, in such a romantic atmosphere, brought us together, Ronnie told Us Weekly prior to the show's August premiere. The first week was rough -- everyone was like 'Oh, my God.' But we didn't fight at all in Italy. Probably the highest point in our relationship.

Oh, hey, there was apparently a high point in that relationship.