The CW’s “Roswell, New Mexico” is based on characters from the WB/UPN’s “Roswell,” but it’s a whole new story with a new cast. Reboot star Jeanine Mason revealed that the veterans like Shiri Appleby and Jason Behr are very supportive of the 2019 version.

“They’re just so happy for us and they’re so wonderful in offering their support in any way that can happen,” Mason, who plays Liz Ortecho, told International Business Times during New York Comic Con.

She added that the original Max actor Jason Behr was happy to help in any way. “Jason Behr, for example, we met him earlier this year, Nathan [Parsons, who plays Max in the reboot] and I, and he was just so lovely,” she explained.

The original cast of "Roswell" seems to be supportive of the new "Roswell, New Mexico" reboot. Getty Images; Marc Hom/The CW

“He was like ‘I’m so excited for you, for what’s to come for you and what you’re going to be a part of. Take it in, and if you need anything call me.’ I was shocked. It is a sort of family. It’s beautiful to feel like you have people to call when you’re trying to digest it because it is fun. It is a blessing.”

The show is getting a helping hand from Appleby. As previously reported, she’ll direct “Roswell, New Mexico” Season 1, episode 9. She was also in touch with Mason before starting work on the episode.

“She’s directing an episode for us, so that was really convenient,” Mason said. “I would have reached out and just thanked her for her work, and now we get to have a relationship, which I’m so excited about because I’m a genuine fan of hers. I think she is an amazing actor.”

It’s not just the Max and Liz actors who have supported the reboot, though. “Roswell, New Mexico” showrunner Carina MacKenzie revealed last summer that nearly everyone had reached out with kind words.

“The original cast and team has been really, really wonderful to us. Everybody’s reached out, everybody that you can think of — except for Katherine Heigl — from the original,” MacKenzie told an audience at a panel outside San Diego Comic-Con in July.

She added, “The important thing to say is that Jason Behr liked our pilot.”

“Roswell, New Mexico” premieres Tuesday at 9 p.m. EST on The CW.