Middleton And Prince William
Queen Elizabeth recently decreed that if Prince William and wife Kate's first child is a girl, she will be granted the title of "princess." Reuters

Prince William and Kate Middleton announced Monday they are expecting a baby, and their subjects have already begun to take bets on the sex of the child, not missing the opportunity to make some money.

The British and Irish will pretty much bet on anything, so the sex and name of the royal baby is no exception.

CBC News reported that the William Hill betting firm put 10/1 odds the child would be a girl and similar odds for a boy.

The also made a 20/1 that the duchess of Cambridge would give birth to twins as of Monday.

Many British bookies are trying to make bets on other different options involving the unborn child, CBC said, but none of them can seem to agree on what the name of the child will be. Diana was placed at 13/1, and they even placed 501/1 bets for names like Rafa and Arsene.

Ladbrokes have pegged 9/1 odds the child’s name with be Elizabeth if the baby is a girl with Frances the second choice; if it's a boy, Charles, with John in second place.

William Hill favors the name Frances, giving it 9/1 odds, with Diana, Charles and Victoria following.

The bookies at Ireland's Paddy Power have placed Mary, Victoria and John on equal probability, giving 8/1 odds on each one, while Diana and Frances were close at 9/1. Fergie even fell on the betting list, but was given 250/1 odds.

“It’s exciting, these are the things we all talk about and people like to speculate about it and have a bet,” Power told Time magazine. But, he added that his company is keeping a close eye on how much everyone is betting.

“If it’s a good, regular customer who bets quite big, there’s no problem at all. But if someone comes in with their first bet and happens to live somewhere around Buckingham Palace and is looking for 50 grand for it to be a boy, we might be a bit worried about how much more than you they know,” he said.

Even Time magazine gave different odds for the future heir’s name.

They reported that John and Robert are in the lead with 10 to 1 odds, with Anne, Francis, George and Charles falling in second with odds of 12 to 1.

Power revealed to Time that the royal couple might actually chose a modern name:

“William and Kate seem a little more modern than we’re used to, a little more down with the kids, so there’s a chance they might come up with a more modern name."

SBS World News in Australia even reported that if anyone wants to put out the money in hopes the royal couple names the child after NBA star Lebron James or Shaquille O’Neal there will be a major payoff.

Clarence House announced Kate Middleton’s pregnancy on Monday, after she was hospitalized for severe morning sickness, saying the royal family are "delighted with the news."

The official statement read: "Their Royal Highnesses The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are very pleased to announce that The Duchess of Cambridge is expecting a baby.

"The Queen, The Duke of Edinburgh, The Prince of Wales, The Duchess of Cornwall and Prince Harry and members of both families are delighted with the news."

CNN reported that Kate was admitted to the hospital on Monday, the same day her pregnancy was announced, with hyperemesis gravidarum. It's a rare maternity illness that produces symptoms of extreme morning sickness. She is expected to stay there for several days.